Haiti/RD/MINUSTAH: Dominican political elites, collaborators of the Occupation in Haiti.

Written on:mai 20, 2015
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Sandra Honoré and Danilo Medina (Credit Photo Google)

Sandra Honoré and Danilo Medina (Credit Photo Google)

The Caribbean island, including Haiti and the Dominican Republic, since 2004, has a half of sovereignty with the establishment of foreign troops on Haitian territory, flagrant violation of the Constitution of the country(art 263-1)

However, it is clear that Dominican political elites are not disturbed by this situation that has lasted more than ten years.They are always ready to open the gates of the Dominican Chancery as well as those of the Casa Rosada (the National Palace) to the leaders of the Occupation. So it was for:
-The first Chief of the Occupation, the Chilean Juan Gabriel Valdez (Sto Dgo, 2005)
-The Guatemalan Edmond Mullet (Sto Dgo, 2006)
-The Tunisian Hédi Annabi (Sto Dgo, 2008)
-The Chilean Mariano Fernandez (Sto Dgo, 2012)
-The Canadian Nigel Fisher (Sto Dgo, June 2013)
-and Sandra Honoré fromTrinidad and Tobago (Sto Dgo, December 2013)
Braces, smiles, seamless collaboration with the heads of occupationof a border country, have unfortunately other meanings that cowardiceand treachery to the people of this neighbouring State.
-Certainly, the Dominican State has no military contingents in the ranks of MINUSTAH in Haiti. But is that a sign of solidarity? Question mark. Because the Dominican State gave its agreement for the installation of infrastructures of the UN occupation force, at the heart of its capital. In this sense, the press says: «Even if itworks in Haiti, MINUSTAH headquarters is located in the DominicanRepublic» (Listin Diario, 7/11/12).      Two addresses: Av.Cesar Nicolas Pension #102B, SD et Parque Cibernatico, East Port Building Autopista Las Americas km27 la Caleta, Boca Chica).
In fact, collaboration is close between Dominican and UN publicforces. Thus, the Commissioner of Police of the Mission told the Chiefof Police in Santo Domingo: «The Dominican Police remains a vitalplayer to preserve security in Haiti»(El Dia, 13/2/10). We shouldalso mention the announcement by MINUSTAH to secure Dominican truckersuntil Haitian territory, specifically, in Cité Soleil, popular suburbsof Port-au-Prince. ( 16/3/12).
If the Dominican Republic troops are absent physically in the quotas of occupation in Haiti, however, the Executive remains in close collaboration with the United Nations staff of the occupation. For its part, the MISSION stationed at the border and in Santo Domingo, observed absolute silence on the multiple atrocities committed against the Haitian community and of Haitian descent in the Dominican territory. (Hanging, beheading, shootings, nocturnal repatriations, etc…).
A question arises: Are the Dominican ruling elites acting in ignorance? By lack of knowledge of the status of MINUSTAH in Haiti ? Hard to believe, because that is a former representative of the OAS, the Brazilian Ricardo Seitenfus, who said publicly that « the presence of MINUSTAH in Haiti, is illegal».
Would the Ambassador Rubén Silié, accredited to Port – au-Prince, have not revealed his government  that the Haitian Senate has passed a resolution against the unconstitutional presence of foreign troops on the territory and demanded their departure since September 20, 2011?
Is that termites have destroyed the text of the joint Bilateral Commission in the drawers of the Dominican Chancery? Because the preamble specifies that each State must defend the sovereignty of the other before international bodies. Otherwise, the former President Leonel Fernandez, on tour in France in 2009 – the french Parliament – would have not recommended the continuation of the occupation troops in Haiti for 10 years, and a new Haitian constitution« Amazing Island solidarity »!
BY 2015, his successor, president Medina, without any embarrassment, introduced this unlawful force /MINUSTAH in Dominican consulates in Haiti to supposedly secure them! The famous intellectual-Ambassador Rubén Silié, holds no doubt as an exceptional diplomatic expression, the presence of an ILLEGAL foreign troop walking side by side with the LEGAL consular staff from the homeland of Duarte !
Evidently, the Dominican Establishment has memory lapses. He has forgotten that the occupying troops have already caused the death of ten thousand Haitians with cholera that they have introduced. And never the Casa Rosada has insisted on compensation for Haiti! « Great Island Solidarity«  !
In good ally, the MISSION has already endorsed mass expulsions announced against thousands of Dominican families of Haitian origin. The Dominican Caribbean apartheid becomes the new value of human dignity for the United Nations in the 21st century!?
Facing history, how is now the profile of Dominican political elites that host with so much enthusiasm and indecency the highest executives of the occupation in Haiti?
Blinded by racism, they seem more miserable in their small island solidarity. They seem more amnesiacs of Jacques Viau, Haitian defender of the Dominican Republic against the American Occupation of 1965; quite amnesiacs of Nissage Saget, Haitian President, rescuer of the Dominican Nation sold by leaders without respect for less than 2 million dollars to the American president Grant, towards the end of the 19th century.
The Dominican ruling ELITES are therefore
-good standing alongside the leaders of the Occupation in Haiti!
-gigantic in their arbitrary and their apartheid against their fellow citizens with dark complexion!
– but alas, already kneeling at the Court of history
*Lis Bell
Human Rights activist
Port – au Prince, Haiti
Credit: Lis Bell*

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