Haiti/USA/Diasporama: The Price of the Vindictive Woman, PART 1.

Written on:décembre 16, 2014
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briI will never understand some women, certain women. There must be this metaphysical, perhaps astronomical level of brokenness inside of a woman that she chooses to live a life of selfish misery and untamed vendetta-like conquests. I pity that woman. I pity those women. I am unapologetically not sorry for those women. And by no means am I America’s next top treasure, but I understand being miserable is a choice. Furthermore, real women do not destroy men. We uplift them. After all, we are of them. No them no us, no us no them.

  I’m trying to wrap my head around the notion that able bodied women are entitled to ruin their exes life. Of course some situations merit a reaction, even moderate retaliation… But, there is this wave, this silent but grotesquely profound movement amongst women 40 years old and below: ” He left me, he doesn’t want me, so I’m taking him for all that he’s got. I’m going to crush him until he’s emotionally debilitated, and no other woman will ever have him. If I cannot have him, no one can. ” That quote seems dramatic and farfetched but that is real as it gets. Since when was destroying a person’s spirit acceptable. I mean, leave that for the Hitlers and Stalins of the world. If your marriage or relationship does not work, move on. Granted some women endure years of abuse (in all degrees) and others are humiliated and face repeated infidelity, at no point are we “good enough” to judge another. We may have opinions and then pursue justice, but we are not “pure” enough to ruin the life of another human being… Especially if we do it intentionally.

The sad part is, this trail blazing movement of “get him for all he’s got” affects more than the man. Primarily, it is destructive to the woman who deems herself a victim with justifiable reason. The level of hate and sadness that individual is carrying within themselves IS GREAT. They literally choose to go against the option of being the bigger person, and turn ruining the lives of their exes into a part time sport (to not say a full time career move). They are choosing not to heal, not to understand where things went sour, or more importantly – they consciously choose to NOT learn how exactly did they contribute to the demise of their relationship. It is a poisonous state of mind. They may look beautiful on the outside, but they reek of self serving filth. Because a real woman ALWAYS learns from her trials and tribulations, she does not turn them into a sport. But we are not discussing real women, these are little girls with “grown women parts”. Often the men that impregnate them learn way too late. They become the “catch of the day”, every single day. I’ve seen good men, good fathers fall into these lust-adorned traps. Only lust could blind a person from seeing the motives of the opposite sex. When we are sound in mind and heart, the excitement driven by “a good look,” cannot phase us. There is a level of vulnerability that is self inflicted and we open ourselves to predators. Paper chasing, irrational, two timing predators. In this case, men will bring their defenses down for a beautiful face and voluptuous hips – nowadays purchasable through a short trip to DR PLASTIC SURGERY EXPRESS. Some men are so consumed by the exterior, they are fathering meal tickets and not families. As a woman, I am prone to defending my own sex, but it is out of hand. Some women are determined to live off child support and alimony, but do not even know how to boil water. These little girls that play dress up are more focused on waist training and contouring, versus fostering an environment that promotes a healthy relationship between their children and their fathers. Instead, they invest in clothing to continue playing dress up. Unfortunately the soul purpose is to live off another human being’s income. Of course I could just bash men. That is so much easier than seeing the erroneous ways within my own sex. Alas, that is not who I am. I can recognize flaws in myself before I nitpick on others. But, the number of “little girls” putting men through the most biased family court system is growing paradversely affecting good wholesome women.

There is a rare breed, a unique group of women left. Perhaps it is a generational thing, or maybe cultural thing. But, there are some of us left. We are not concerned with mundane material things and the manipulative ways to acquisition them. We understand our value and the value of a man, a good man. It’s not about being a good woman to find a mate per say, it’s about having respect for someone else’s emotional and psychological state of mind. I personally cannot rationalize the vindictive motives behind the women determined on financially bankrupting the father of their child. The pursuit of his well-being, his ability to fund himself will inherently be compromised. The first victim becomes the child. Compromising the father’s ability to provide for his children, his footprint in history, will create angst between child and father. The relationship will either be hostile or eventually dissipate. No loving mother, in her right mind, should cultivate the conditions for a tumultuous relationship between a father and his child(ren).


Credit: Brigitte Limontas

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